A preclinical-stage biotechnology company developing the next generation of psychedelic-inspired therapeutics for intractable mental health conditions.

About us

Our mission is to map the biological basis of the varieties of psychedelic experience, and to use that map to pharmacologically design therapeutic states of mind to be applied in medically supervised settings to heal the root causes of mental health disorders.

It is well-established that the therapeutic efficacy of psychedelic compounds is dependent on the quality of the acute experience that they produce. These compounds are effective because they produce a temporary shift to a state of mind that is in some way fundamentally different from the form of normal waking consciousness that we all know.

Those states can be combined with carefully controlled clinical protocols to produce acute experiential therapies with efficacy that far exceeds the current standard of care.

To overcome the shortcomings of current translational models, the development of new psychedelic compounds requires a robust predictive model of acute effects in humans. Our team of neuroscientists, medicinal chemists, computational experts, and drug development veterans is applying our predictive platform to develop the safest and most effective therapies in the current generation of psychedelic states, and to develop entirely novel states that expand the frontiers of psychedelic therapeutics.


Our Osmanthus® platform is the leading platform for the prediction of phenomenological psychedelic effects. Osmanthus® is the result of over two decades of natural history study of the varieties of psychedelic experience combined with broad assays of qualitatively distinct psychedelic compounds.

We are continuing to build out what is already the world’s most robust database of phenomenological and biochemical data on psychedelic compounds: > 7,000 experience reports synthesized with assays of dozens of compounds against > 50 receptors, transporters, and ion channels.

With natural history and computational methods, we’re continuing to discover new biochemical correlations that allow us to precision-engineer specific, discrete states of mind which can be applied in a therapeutic setting.


Target validation

Lead identification

Lead optimization

IND-enabling studies

MSD-101 - Treatment Resistant PTSD
MSD-201 - Treatment Resistant Depression

We’re applying our platform first to develop the safest and most effective therapies in the first generation of psychedelic states, which have already been clinically validated as breakthrough treatments for mental health conditions. 1,2

Our lead program produces an entactogenic state with a superior safety profile to MDMA. Reduced toxicity and tolerance will allow an increase in number of treatment sessions, leading to superior efficacy.

Our second program produces a state of oceanic boundlessness (commonly called “ego loss”) that can be elicited with a higher degree of reliability than psilocybin. This effect is the primary predictor of long-term treatment outcomes with psilocybin.³

Additional programs in development produce entirely novel states that expand the frontiers of psychedelic therapeutics.

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