A psychedelic drug development company designing altered states of consciousness
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Altered States

The acute subjective experience of an altered conscious state is central to treatment outcomes.

Solving the central problem in psychedelic drug development

There is no translational model to distinguish among different altered states of consciousness.

Designing states of consciousness

We’re mapping the biological basis of the varieties of psychedelic experience to enable precision design of modified conscious states.




Osmanthus is a target discovery and phenotypic screening platform for altered conscious states.

We’ve combined natural history, natural language processing, and biochemical data to build a predictive model for the precision design of modified conscious states.


Primers & Probes

Our pipeline is based on a combination approach that uses psychedelic “primer” compounds together with non-psychedelic “probe” compounds that modulate the altered state of consciousness produced by the primer.

Osmanthus in Action

With the Osmanthus screening platform, we’ve identified six probe candidates to date; each with potentially unique therapeutic utility when combined with the lead primer. Future programs in development include a variety of additional primers and probes.

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